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There may be deceptions of perception, patients are listening to something. By facial expressions you can notice a change in emotional reactions.

Motor excitation during amentia occurs in a limited space, usually within the bed. It is limited to individual movements. patients spin, make rotational movements, bend, shudder, throw their limbs to the sides, scatter in bed.. It is not possible to enter into verbal communication with patients. Based on some of their statements, one can conclude that they have an affect of bewilderment and a vague awareness of their helplessness - symptoms that are constantly encountered in confusion. The usually perplexed expression on the patients� faces also indicates confusion.

The duration of amentia can be several weeks or months. The period of the amentive state is completely amnesic. Upon recovery, amentia is replaced by either long-term asthenia or psychoorganic syndrome. Externally, patients with amentia look like severe somatic patients (sharpened facial features, pale, emaciated, with low temperature, low A/D).

Currently, asthenic confusion is more common. Patients are anxious, their mood is low, they are confused, and they cannot remember the topic of the conversation. Frequent perseverations are observed, jumping from one topic to another. Unsystematized ideas of special significance may appear, but after a few minutes they express criticism of the nonsense. Outwardly they look emaciated, pale, characterized by acrocyanosis, hyperhidrosis, and in women - amenorrhea. As a rule, during this period, patients lose weight, despite adequate food intake.

The way out of asthenic confusion through asthenia. Twilight blackout is a typical epileptiform paroxysm. Psychosis is characterized by a sudden onset, a relatively short duration (fromtens of minutes to several hours), abrupt (sometimes sudden) cessation and complete amnesia of the entire period of impaired consciousness.

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