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SUPOR - accompanied by a complete cessation of neurontin medications. The patient lies motionless, eyes closed, face expressionless. Verbal communication with the patient is impossible. Strong stimuli (bright light, strong sound, painful stimuli) cause undifferentiated, stereotypical protective motor and, occasionally, vocal reactions.

COMA - complete loss of consciousness with lack of response to take Gabapentin pills. Not only conditioned, but also unconditioned reflexes disappear. reaction of pupils to light, blink reflex, corneal reflex. Syndromes of switched off consciousness occur with intoxication (alcohol, carbon monoxide, etc.), metabolic disorders (uremia, diabetes, liver failure), traumatic brain injuries, brain tumors, vascular and other organic diseases of the central nervous system.

Delirium occurs with impaired orientation in time and surroundings. Self-orientation is preserved. Multiple illusions and true hallucinations (visual, auditory, tactile) are observed. Patients experience anxiety and fear. Motor excitement is observed, their behavior usually corresponds to the content of hallucinations, often frightening. Actions are defensive or aggressive.

In a state of delirium, all the signs of a disorder of consciousness are observed. Patients are so immersed in hallucinatory experiences that they do not immediately hear speech addressed to them. You have to speak louder or repeat the phrase several times. Objects of the real situation are so transformed in their consciousness that they cease to understand the essence of what is happening, cannot understand the situation, and do not realize that they are in a medical facility. Thinking becomes inconsistent and chaotic. Upon completion of psychosis, partial amnea is observedZia. Hallucinatory images are remembered better and real events are remembered poorly.

DELIRIOUS SYNDROME (delirium) - confusion of consciousness with a predominance of true visual hallucinations and illusions, changeable affect, in which fear and motor agitation predominate. Delirium is the most common form of confusion.

The first hallucinatory images often represent intertwined stripes (bundles of rope, shavings hanging from the ceiling, serpentine, shreds of cobwebs, tangles of snakes). Then more complex hallucinations arise. the room fills with people or animals. Patients try to protect themselves from them, kick them out of neurontin pills, try to buy neurontin online them with their hands, and wave a knife. Finally, the expanded picture of delirium leads to a complete transformation of the entire situation. Patients believe that they are at work or in a liquor store, see people chasing them, flee and cannot find a way out, since they do not see real furnishings. This period is characterized by extreme fear and sharp psychomotor agitation.

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The typical duration of delirium is several (2-5) days. All this time the patient has no sleep. Although during the day he behaves much calmer, he can lie in bed in a state of light drowsiness, but upon questioning it turns out that the hallucinations persist. In the evening, the state of health worsens, more and more deceptions of Gabapentin appear, and psychomotor agitation increases. The cessation of delirium is critical. the patient falls asleep and after 8-12 hours of deep sleep wakes up without signs of psychosis. For some time, the conviction may remain that everything that happened at the time of psychosis actually happened (residual delusion), however, such erroneous judgments are unstable and disappear within the next few hours without special treatment. In a typical course, after psychosis has passed, the patient can tell a lot about the deceptions of perception he experienced, but does not remember the real events that took place at that time. The onset of psychosis is better remembered.

The cause of delirium is a variety of exogenous and somatogenic diseases (intoxication, infections, febrile states, head injury, burn disease, vascular insufficiency).

Unfavorable development of the underlying disease (somatic, infectious, caused by intoxication, etc.) can lead to the development of severe forms of delirium - occupational and delirium.

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